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The Good Posture Blog

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Posture Supports That Relieve Back Pain And Enhance Spinal Health

Welcome to my blog about posture. By following my blog you will “learn to discern” about how things in your everyday life affect your posture and level of pain, and can alter your health. You are invited to ride along inside my mind to see how I look at shoes, chairs, pillows, beds and people with your structural health in mind. You will learn to figure out for yourself if the places you sit and sleep and the shoes you wear are going to have a negative impact or a positive one on your pain level and your health.
Some design ‘components’ seen in shoes, chairs, pillows and mattresses are good for the body but unfortunately MOST are wrong for it and are going to have an overall bad effect.

It’s my position that you should not have to suffer from the poor designs of products you use.

It isn’t negligence necessarily on the designers’ part because whole body mechanics isn’t widely understood.  They simply haven’t considered the effect on the ENTIRE BODY from what they’ve created. I am here to help you willingly, wholeheartedly, and supportingly (I don’t think this is really a word but I mean that those eager to learn how to do things right will have my unwavering support). Sometimes I see situations where someone is so stuck in their ways that it is blog-worthy in an unfortunate (for them) way… however, it can be amusing. This is my dilemma. How much can I get away with? Please - you be the judge and let me know if I go too far.
Yours in health posturally,
Jerry Porter, DC