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The Good Posture Blog

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Ways To Ease Back Pain When Driving on Trips

If you are one of the many people who get back pain while driving then there are a few simple things you can do to ease your pain:

  1. Be sure your car seat is adjusted correctly. 
  2. Use a seat wedge in your car seat. 
  3. Get out as often as you need to and do this simple but effective exercise while leaning against your car. 
To adjust your car seat for the best posture bring your seat back into a comfortable and more upright position. Adjust the car seat so that the part under your knees is not pressing up into the back of your thighs. If this does push into your legs then it actually causes your back to slump and cause discomfort. Also, if you have an adjustable lumbar support in your car then back it out and don't use it! Contrary to popular thought, putting something in the small of your back while sitting actually causes stress points in different areas of your back and neck resulting in discomfort there.
Sit EZ Orthopedic Support Seat

As for seat wedges, I like the one I designed the best (no surprise there!) because it gives great support and fits well into most car seats. The right effect of a car wedge like this is to bring your hips just slightly above your knees. This positions your hips and your back (and even your neck) for the least possible stress while sitting.

The video above shows an exercise that I have taught to many patients. It can ease back stress when on the road. It also works well to wake you up because it pumps nutrients around your brain.

Happy traveling!

Jerry Porter, DC

PS - Please comment about your success using these strategies. They are new to many people and your views may help them make some good choices.