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The Good Posture Blog

Friday, October 19, 2012

Doctor's Advice: Buy New Shoes Often

Broken down shoes look fine on the outside
I see a big problems when people's shoes break down INSIDE, where they don't see it. The problem is that they affect your posture in a bad way - long before they actually show signs of wear. The abnormal change in your posture can lead to neck and back pain. Truthfully, if you wear your shoes much, you're likely to only get about 3 months out of a pair of typical sneakers before they are too broken down INSIDE to support you right.

I have seen too many people need to get treated extra times simply because their shoes were worn out and this messed with their body. I would always tell them about it, and some would listen. Others thought they were saving money by getting more mileage out of their shoes. It was amazing to watch these patients come in and pay for extra treatments (sometimes many) instead of springing for a new pair of shoes and saving their money.

The thing to remember is that if your body starts hurting for no apparent reason then broken down shoes may be the cause. You may still need an adjustment from your chiropractor, because by the time you feel the symptoms, your shoes have already messed with your body. Just replace your shoes as well and don't forget to fix the insides of your new ones. 


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