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The Good Posture Blog

Friday, July 27, 2012

Is Mary's Arm Pain Caused by Bad Shoes?

I have a patient I want to mention  - let's call her Mary. I've been treating Mary for over a year with very good results. About 3 months ago she started having pain in the front of her left shoulder that responded just fine to treatment but then got worse again. This happened every time she got treated.

I know from the way that her pain responds, that I am fixing what is creating the twist in her shoulder that makes her hurt. Then she goes out and does something that's bad for her body (sitting, standing, or sleeping) that re-sets the twist again. I have a gut feeling that her shoes are making her whole body worse.

Take a look at these sandals. She has been wearing these sandals since the weather got better a few months ago and I suspect they are what is causing her body to reset itself all the time. She says she doesn't believe that such a small support under the arch could cause her arm pain.

Finally, Mary went shopping and came in with 3 pairs of sandals, all of which should work great for her.  She is going away for a few weeks and not taking her bad sandals with her (I hope). This should be a good test.

Stayed tuned, I will let you know what happens.


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