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The Good Posture Blog

Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Popular Sandals Can Be Bad For Your Posture

You can’t imagine how bad of a rap I have with my female patients. I am forever critiquing their shoes – and believe me, this is like walking through the jungle, never knowing exactly where the danger is.

Unfortunately, many of the shoes my women patients buy, they get unaccountably attached to. Getting them to let go is like prying water off of the sidewalk. I know going in that my chances aren’t real good.
This picture is from sandals a patient wore the other day. I knew we were about to have one of those moments. The problem is that these shoes are very good in many ways (they always point this out to me). The only bad thing is bad enough to cancel out all the other good things that these shoes do – and this isn’t fixable on these shoes.

Take a guess now if you want to…

Okay, here it is. It’s in the arch area. Overall, these shoes are really flat in the arch. But, look near the sides, were the seam is sewn about ½ in from the edges all around the base. This area is a few millimeters higher than the rest of the shoe. This was enough to distort her posture. After wearing these for a several days in a row they caused her enough pain to need getting treated by me.

She stopped wearing them immediately. Her willingness to keep her body in good shape made my day.
(Alternate ending: truth) She promised she wouldn’t wear them more than a day at a time. I’ve mellowed; this is enough for me.


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