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The Good Posture Blog

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8 Ways Posture Affects Your Health – And How To Better Your Posture

Window graphic showing symptoms arising from poor posture
Your posture is a measure of how well your body resists gravity while sitting, standing, or lying down. You can better your posture by understanding what affects it and by simply fixing a few things that make it worse.

According to the Cleveland Clinic look at these effects of bad posture:
  • Keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly.
  • Helps decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in arthritis.
  • Decreases the stress on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together.
  • Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.
  • Prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy.
  • Prevents strain or overuse problems.
  • Prevents backache and muscular pain.
  • Contributes to a good appearance.
These effects of bad posture are what made me a very busy chiropractor for over 30 years; less busy when patients followed my advice which I wrote up for them in “Owner's Manual For The Body”:
Shoe with a "rockered" toe
  1. To ease back pain symptoms there are a few simple posture support products that can help which are consistent with correcting back posture.
  2. To get good posture see a professional doing a posture corrective type of care. 
  3. In order to keep good posture learn what it means to stand, sit and sleep correctly and apply them.
As a to test this, just try standing and bending your toes like this shoe would do and feel what it does to your posture! After doing this do you think that wearing these shoes might affect your posture and therefore your health. This is an easy fix... don't wear shoes with toes that are up in the air.

There, your first lesson's over and it wasn't too painful but you did learn something that you can use to improve your health and your posture for the rest of your life - if you apply it.

Your comments are appreciated. 


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