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The Good Posture Blog

Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Chair for Your Back

Fixed occasional chair
Finished chair

My mother recently picked up a couple of new chairs. Since I want to have someplace I enjoy sitting when I visit her I needed to do some light chair remodeling.

Keep in mind that the best way to sit is with your hips slightly higher than your knees. Very seldom do I find any chair that puts me in this position and I have never found a casual chair that does - without changing it a bit.

These are the steps I took on my mother's chairs and they will work for most others:

 Step 1: use the seat cushion as a template to draw it's shape on a piece of plywood.

Step 2: cut the plywood about 1/2" inside the template drawing where the sides and back of the cushion are.  At the front of the cushion, I took several inches off of the plywood because this would have hit the front edge frame and made the front too high. 

Repairing a chair
Spacer used to lift the plywood in the back
Step 3: Place something of about the right height underneath the back of the plywood. Here I used a foam pad that's used for kneeling on when gardening. This has worked out to be a good height on several of the chairs I have done this to. 

Once you put the cushion back on you could never tell by looking at the chair that anything is different about it.  But what a difference it makes in your body. When you have the height just right then your back doesn't have any stress on it. You can sit there for a long time and then get up easily from the chair. You hardly notice you are sitting at all.

Click here to see how to fix car seats.


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